Specialty Hoists

Hoists from large factory suppliers can be very black and white. Their goal is to push volume without the end user in mind. Not all hoists are the same, with different brands, models and abilities. Each hoist specializes in their specific application. That is why here at One Crane Source we want your hoist to fit your application. We carry several different brands which cover each application you will ever face.
Low Headroom
Low headroom hoists at One Crane Source in Allendale Michigan

When you need most of your height under beam (HUB) and cannot afford too much of it to be taken away by the hoist and trolley. Let One Crane Source work with you to develop and find a hoist/trolley to get the most of your HUB space.
High Capacity (5–Ton +)
High capacity hoists at One Crane Source in Allendale Michigan

Several of our vendors offer high–capacity chain hoists and wire rope hoists. These high capacity chain and wire rope hoists have several different options for different environments and applications. The hoists are usually built with the system it is going on.

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Monorails click here.
Lifting Angles
Are your operators having issues with reaching inside machines with their hoists? Or the lift you have is not a standard vertical lift? The One Crane Source team has extensive knowledge in providing you solutions for your unique lifting requirements, whether building special trolleys, frames, or elbows in your lifting device.
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