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Inspections and maintenance are critical to the longevity of your equipment. Keep your company running smoothly with routine inspections and maintenance. Learn more about service for your cranes and hoists.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need service for my cranes?
Service on your cranes not only allows them to last longer, but is an OSHA requirement and safety priority! You might not think that a hoist you hang on a metal beam could fall down, but it can and they have.
How frequently should I service my cranes?
This a bit more of a complex question. Each hoist should be visually inspected prior to every shift or even every time a lift is made. If it is a hoist that is used frequently a maintenance person or a One Crane Source person should be looking at the important components of the system on a regular schedule. Call your local One Crane Source representative to figure out how often your hoist should be inspected.
Can I service my hoist myself?
According to OSHA a “competent person” can service hoists. Hoists are a unique piece of machinery and should be serviced by a factory–trained person or competent person. One Crane Source technicians go through extensive training and certification prior to servicing hoists and cranes.
  • » Competent Person: A person who has the necessary experience of the crane and equipment used in the lifting operation to carry out the function satisfactorily, who is capable of identifying an existing or potential hazard in surroundings, or under working conditions, that are hazardous or dangerous to an employee, and who has the authority and knowledge to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate the hazards
  • » Frequent Inspection: A visual examination by the operator or other designated personnel, with written records required
  • » Periodic Inspection: The inspection of the equipment in place by a designated person, making written records of conditions
  • » Qualified Person: A person who, through attainment of a recognized degree or certificate of professional standing or by extensive knowledge, training, and experience, has successfully demonstrated the ability to solve or resolve problems relation to the subject matter and work
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