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We partner with Columbus McKinnon (CM) to promote safe and efficient use of rigging equipment including proper care, inspection and application of all types of rigging equipment. Classes can be held at your location and costs are quoted on a case–by–case basis. The following courses fall under the rigging training offering.
1. Qualified Rigger–3 Day Workshop
This 3 Day Workshop will prepare students to take the nationally accredited
CIC Rigger/Signalperson Certification Exam and Level 2 Advanced Qualified Rigger Certification Exam.
Student will receive:
Rigging training
2. Level 1: Basic Rigging & Signalperson Training - 1 Day Course
Learn how to properly select, inspect and use slings and rigging hardware. Students will learn the requirements of OSHA regulations, ASME guidelines, limitations of rigging equipment, load chart interpretation and proper knot tying. Hand signals are reviewed per OSHA 1926.1400, ASME B30.3 and ASME B30.5. This course prepares students to take the accredited Level 1 Basic Qualified Rigger/Signalperson Exam.

Student will receive:
3. Level 2: Advanced Rigging – 2 Day Course
This course covers all aspects of Level 1 Basic Rigging. Topics covered in Level 2 include rigging math, calculating load weights, center of gravities, share of loads, sling tensions, load drifts and rigging block loads. Calculations are then applied in the hands–on rigging center. This course prepares students to take the accredited Level 2: Qualified Rigger/Signalperson Exam.

Student will receive:
4. Rigging Gear Inspection – 1 Day Course
Participants learn how to properly inspect chain, wire rope and synthetic slings, below the hook lifting devices, manual hoists (chainfalls and lever tools) and rigging hardware. Inspections are performed per OSHA, ASME and manufacturer–s guidelines. This course will prepare participants in meeting the OSHA and ASME inspection standards for slings and rigging equipment.

Student will receive:
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