Hoists 101

Both the wire rope hoist and chain hoist have been in common use since the 1800s. However, mass production of
an electric hoist did not start until the early 1900s. Learn more about what a hoist is:
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a hoist?
A hoist is a lifting device used to lift and lower a load, and can be chain or wire rope. Click here for more definitions on components of hoists.
What type of hoist do I need for my lifting requirements?
Hoists are chosen by the application and environment in which they are used. If the hoist is used in a low capacity and frequently, then a chain hoist is more likely to be used. If a hoist is used on a crane system less frequently and at a higher capacity, then a wire rope hoist is more likely to be used. Call your local One Crane Source representative to help you determine what type of hoist should be used for your application.
Why would I use a hoist and not a forklift for physical strength?
In manufacturing settings these days more and more companies are choosing to go to lean manufacturing, where work is completed more efficiently and at higher volume. Having a hoist in your manufacturing setting allows for a more ergonomic lifting solution and efficiency in your material handling.

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  • » Brake: A device used for retarding or stopping motion by friction or power means
  • » Controller: A device that controls the motion of a crane or monorail system
  • » Floor-operated: A crane or monorail system which is controlled by an operator from a floor or independent platform
  • » Hoist: A system of power–driven drums, gears, cables, chains, or hydraulic cylinders capable of lifting and lowering a load
  • » Limit Switch: A switch that is operated by some part or motion of a power–driven machine or equipment to alter the electric current associated with the machine or equipment
  • » Load Block: The assembly of hook and shackle, swivel bearing, sheaves, pins, and frame, suspended by the hoisting ropes or chains
  • » Running Sheave: A sheave that rotates as the load block is raised or lowered
  • » Suspension: A way a hoist is hung from a trolley or fixed point
  • » Swaged Socket: A fitting into which wire rope is inserted and attached by cold forming
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